Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Quick Crate Storage Ottomans

We needed ottomans.  And after a couple years of half-hearted, periodic searching for inexpensive ottomans online, I decided it was time to make some.

For each ottoman, I purchased/needed:

  • 1 12x18x9.5 crate
  • 1 package (4) of gliders
  • 1 package (2) of hinges
  • 1 piece of high density 1-inch foam
  • medium loft batting
  • fabric, home decorating or outdoor (>1/2 yard)
  • a piece of wood, approx. 12x18inches
  • tools (staple gun, drill/screwdriver, hammer, scissors)

I started by drilling 4 small holes in the bottom of the crate and hammering in the gliders.

Then I cut the foam to fit the piece of wood, and the batting to tuck around the foam and the wood (this is for the lid).

I stapled the batting to the underside of the wood, and then added the fabric.  I turned the edges of the fabric around the batting and stapled it to the piece of wood.  (For cleaner looking edges, you can glue down a piece of ribbon.)

The final step was to secure the hinges to the underside of the lid and the inside of the crate.  This might be a touch tricky, because the crate and lid are not at the same level on the table, but I found that some pieces of 2x4 were sufficient to bring the crate even to the lid.

Not counting shopping time, each ottoman took about 45 minutes (which included intermittent time entertaining the dog).  I figure the cost at about $30 each (the crates and the foam being the biggest expenses), and I have some batting and fabric leftover (hopefully enough to make a matching pillow) that I can use for a future project.

I might decide to stain or paint them eventually, but in the meantime, they are perfectly serviceable.  Also, if we should decide to change the colours of our living room, they can recovered pretty easily, probably even without taking the hinges off.

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